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Feb 3, 2017 17:08

Dumps cash out-Dumps With Pin

I decided to write this post to make clear once and for ever the concept of dumps with pin.To many mail I received about this subject and I want to make it clear.So here are the general things about dumps with pin:

Feb 2, 2017 17:01

POS Dictionary

Address Verification Service (AVS)
A service that reduces credit card fraud by verifying the cardholder's address information when the physical card isn't available to swipe through an MSR device (e.g., as with telephone orders). AVS processing doesn't affect whether the charge is approved. Instead, AVS indicates whether or not the address provided by the customer matches the address on file with the credit card company so that the merchant can decide whether or not to process the charge.

Feb 1, 2017 23:20

Dumps+PIN Carding Tutorial [Part 10]

1 How to Succeed in store
2 Bin Selection
3 Digit POS - Code List
4 Responses to declines smart card.
5 Tutorial Carding in Store
6 Full Specification

Feb 1, 2017 23:16

Dumps+PIN Carding Tutorial [Part 9] Ultimate Guide

The industry typically divides up cards by the business of the issuer.
So there are bank cards (VISA, Master Card, Discover), Petroleum Cards
(SUN Oil, Exxon, etc.), and Travel and Entertainment (T&E) cards
(American Express, Diners' Club, Carte Blanche). Other cards are
typically lumped together as "Private Label" cards. That would include
department store cards, telephone cards, and the like. Most private
label cards are only accepted by the issuer. People are starting to
divide the telephone cards into a separate class, but it hasn't re-
ceived widespread acceptance. (This is just a matter of terminology,
and doesn't affect anything important.)

Feb 1, 2017 23:11

Dumps+PIN Carding Tutorial [Part 8] ATM Skimmer Cashing/Installing Safety

ATM Skimmer Cashing/Installing Safety

I was many time asked questions about how to be secure when working with skimmers. I will try to describe here the basic moments, which are important in the work, about which it is not necessary to forget, and I will also write some recommendations from my own experience.